Our vision

ScanBalt an exciting and challeging working place
We want to attract and keep the best employees by making the company an exciting and challeging working place.

ScanBalt´s expectations to employees
We expect our employees to show leadership, team-spirit and responsibility, and to contribute to the success of ScanBalt. We are judged by our actions.

ScanBalt respect the law
We will keep our good reputation by always obeying the law and by acting in accordance with the business principles of ScanBalt. We encourage our businesspartners to comply with these or similar principles as well.

ScanBalt live by high standards
We aim at a high standard and we work to maintain a strong and long-term growing position in the markets we are operating.

ScanBalt appreciate the cooperation
We will cooperate closely and focused together with customers, producers and businesspartners to develop our ressources in the most effective and sound way.